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Critical Reflections

Part 1:

Hi guys! Time really flies by fast when you are enjoying yourselves. Let us talk about the two objectives I set for myself at the start of the course. I said that my two objectives that I had for Communication 150 was that I would want to handle difficult situations better and handle difficult people and not let them affect me emotionally as some of their behavior might be very draining on a day-to-day basis.
I am now able to handle difficult situations better because I have learnt that communication is emotionally-driven. When the sender is emotional, I am now able to empathize why he or she feels and sees, and respond accordingly. When I am more flexible in my communication, difficult situations can be resolved more easily when the receiver of what I say knows that I am on his/ her side, and has his/ her interest at heart. Of course, when the difficult situation arises from having a difficult task to begin with, that requires coordination, I am now able to use WhatsApp, web c…

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